Welcome to Purpleheart Open 2019!

We are excited to have you all back to Houston for another year of competitions, workshops, and an avenue to expand your HEMA horizons and friendships. Since its inception, PHO has always intended to provide attendees with a quality event, top level instructors, lots of social time and rigorous competition, and we hope this year will be the best one yet!


Each year, we consider feedback from previous years and try to make adjustments to the event to better suit what it seems like the Community is asking for. To that end, this year PHO will feature and focus on more workshops than we have in previous years, giving you a much better opportunity to learn from other instructors and explore HEMA with all the other attendees. Accordingly, we will be hosting four competitions which will all feature admission caps. These caps are in place to ensure that plenty of time can be devoted to the workshops and lectures which we are so excited to present to you. Our competitions will be the Open Longsword, Women’s Longsword, Single Rapier, and Sword and buckler.

Registration for competitions and the Castle dinner ends Friday, August 16. Registration for General Admission will stay open until Thursday, August 22 for any last minute workshop goers! The cut off for refunds is Tuesday, August 20.


Another change we are making this year will be a strong effort to supply dedicated staffing for each event- meaning that if an attendee signs up to staff they won’t be expected to work the same competition in which they are fighting (so fighting is all you have to focus on!). To achieve this, we are offering compensation to those who sign up to staff and end up helping out through one event. For more information about staffing, look for “Willing to Staff” on the Register page to see what it’s all about!


We can’t wait to see you in August, and hope you are just as excited as we are for another year of PHO (and another Castle Dinner)! Train hard, and we’ll see you soon!