George Zacharopoulos


George Zacharopoulos has been studying and training in Historical European Martial Arts for more than a decade with a fondness for the German longsword and the Italian & Spanish rapier. He is currently teaching HEMA at Academia da Espada Hellas, S.C. Academy of Hoplomachia and Marxbrueder Guild Hellas. He is provost of the HISTORICAL FENCING AFFILIATES and founder of the Athens Bartitsu Club 1900. His previous experience includes Ninjutsu, Combined Chinese and Filipino Boxing (by Angelos Fasois), Sport Fencing, and Sport Archery. He is also a certified Knife Instructor of the Reality Based Personal Protection system by Jim Wagner. He has participated in HEMA events and taught workshops in Greece and abroad. He is co-author (with Chrysovalantis Tampakakis) of the first book for HEMA in Greek, entitled “The Knightly art of the Sword” by Batsioulas Publications in 2011. His latest book, a translation in English from Greek, Philipp Mόller’s “Theoretical and Applied introduction to Swordmanship” 1847 military sabre treatise is out by Fallen Rook Publishing. Member of  HEMAC and secretary of the Hellenic Federation of Historical European Martial Arts.

Richard Marsden


Richard Marsden is history teacher by trade and also the co-founder of the Historical European Martial Arts club, the Phoenix Society and has been fencing for 

over 20 years. He is currently the President of the Board of Directors for the HEMA

Alliance. He has a Masters in Land Warfare, and is the author of HEMA in its Historical

Context, Polish Saber, the Traveling Tyrant series, and an RPG game. He teaches 

history for a living and his wife tolerates his many eccentricities. 

Mariana López Rodríguez

Founder of the reenactment group and HEMA academy, Yggdrasil Völker, founder of/and instructor at the Kanan Academy. Mariana became interested in and started practicing HEMA in 2007. Looking for growth, both for herself and her group, she has been involved in the organization of various HEMA events in México and the USA such as staffing, judging and refereeing at national and international events. In 2012 she co-founded the female HEMA network, Esfinges, with Ruth.

She is also part of the founding and organizing committee of the TNEA (Ancient Fencing National Tournament) until 2018 and is currently an instructor at Virginia Academy of Fencing (USA).

Anthony Buonomo


Anthony Buonomo is the founder of Austin Historical Weapons Guild, Austin’s premier HEMA school. From its humble beginnings as a park meet up, it has grown under his direction to a thriving club which offers a variety of classes weekly along with beginner introduction courses and workshops. While he has been studying HEMA since 2014, his other training in mixed martial arts, Tae Kwon Do, Karate, Judo, and Aikido all help inform his unique approach to teaching HEMA which combines the footwork of traditional martial arts with historical techniques. In addition to martial arts, Anthony has participated in SCA combat and foam fighting with Dagorhir. Through all of it, Sword and Buckler has been a growing passion which lead him to research MS I.33 in earnest, making is a focus in his practice since 2016. He has taught workshops and classes in I.33, most recently at SoCal 2019 where he also won Gold in Sword and Buckler. Other accolades include a Broze at CombatCon 2018 for Sword and Buckler, Bronze in Single Stick at SoCal 2019, and featuring in multiple Modern Rogue videos online. In his spare time, he obsesses over swords, cuts stuff with swords, and talks about swords.

Josh Furrate


Josh Furrate has been playing with swords in earnest since early 2016 and he hasn’t stopped. In fact, he has simply pursued more methods of sword fighting whether it’s longsword, smallsword, or cutting, you can be sure that Josh has done it, seen it, and has insight on it. He brings this vibrant enthusiasm to all he does, but it shines brightest when he is teaching which he does as a senior instructor at Ordo Procinctus. He has also been instrumental in facilitating the Baton Rouge Open (BRO) which is a two day sword event promoting longsword, rapier, and cutting. In addition to teaching at the sword club, Josh has been accepted as an instructor at Schwertkampf Mexico 2019 where he will be sharing his extensive knowledge of longsword. Though instructing is a heavy focus, he is no stranger to competition and in 2018 it showed. He won silver for longsword at Schwertkampf Mexico, gold for longsword at the Victoria Highland Games, silver for cutting at Valley of the Sun cutting competition, and perhaps the most important is his win in the cajun cook off at Krumpow. While fans far and wide adore Josh for his southern charm and propensity for sparring at the drop of a hat, what he is perhaps most known for is his great, big heart. You will be hard pressed to find a more generous guy, but keep it in mind that no matter how sweet his smile, he will fight tooth and nail in the ring.

Anna McGarry


Anna McGarry first started dancing somewhere about age four in her Wonder Woman underoos and that, as they say, was that. She began pursuing dance in earnest at age seven, training intensely in studios before earning her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from the University of Michigan in 2003. Along the way she has danced and trained with a number of different groups, including the Kyrgyz National Ballet in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Over her twenty years of teaching, a deep love of technique has allowed her to refine movement in everything from aerial circus to flowarts, giving her students a strong foundation in a way that is both fun and rewarding. In recent history, her focus has been on instructing adults exclusively as they don’t have parents who “need Susie to be in the front line” and they find swearing much more entertaining. Digging into the whys and wherefores of teaching methods have driven her to share with those around her (bore to tears?) with her enthusiastic talks about pedagogy of movement more often than not with wild arm gestures to accompany. Anna’s recent interest (read as obsession) with sword fighting has inspired her to draw comparisons between the teaching of dance and the teaching of swords. She hopes to bore twice as many people with twice as many teaching methods avenues to explore!

David Rowe


David Rowe is a senior coach at the Virginia Academy of Fencing and has more than 20 years of fencing, competitive, and coaching experience. An internationally recognized expert in historical swordsmanship, he studied at Catholic University researching the transcription, translation, and interpretation of medieval manuscripts. A decorated national and international competitor with medals from multiple countries and continents in a variety of weapons and disciplines, David is the head of the Sword & Buckler, Ringen, and Competitive HEMA programs at VAF and has produced numerous medalists under his instruction.  In addition to fencing and coaching, David is also an experienced referee and organizes and runs the Capitol Clash Tournament & Workshops.  His primary areas of focus are early Liechtenauer, medieval and renaissance Ringen & sword and buckler, 17th century Italian rapier, and universal fencing theory, psychology, and tactics.

Jason Barrons


Jason Barrons started training at NYHFA before moving to Denver and continuing his HEMA studies. He has been the HEMA Alliance president for the past 3 years, the editor-in-chief of the HEMA review website Measure and Weigh, and is one of the head instructors at Denver Historical Fencing Academy, which has grown to almost 40 members in less than two years.

In addition to studying Meyer and Ringeck, Jason also trains modern epee, and is a huge proponent of fencing fundamentals that are universal to any weapon style. Jason has over 30 tournaments under his belt, having recently taken silver at Capital Clash 2019, gold at Study in Steel 2018, and top 4 at SERFO 2018

Hans Heim


Thirty years ago, Hans started training with Filipino martial arts. After nine years of training Escrima, he finally got in contact with “Der Kunst des Fechtens”. The first contact was a seminar about stage combat. This was not enough for him, so he and some friends hosted a seminar with John Clemens in Munich, which turned out to be his personal kick off with swords. Now, after establishing “Ochs-historische Kampfkünste e.V.”, shooting one (not so impressive) video and four (much better!) DVDs about the use of the Langes Schwert and the Langes Messer, a lot of seminars, nearly 19 years of training with the Langes Schwert, the Langes Messer and Dolchkampf, his hair is grey (at least the ones that are left) but he is still a member of HEMA.

Jean Henri Chandler

Jean Henri Chandler has studied historical fencing for 15 years. He co-founded the fencing group SDA NOLA with Lenny Zimmermann in 2004 in New Orleans. Jean has taught longsword fencing at events since 2011 and is active in the competition circuit, fencing in 9 tournaments since 2010 and once won a medal… though he is old now and hopes not to break a hip. Jean is an amateur researcher with an interest in the context of historical fencing in Central Europe, giving lectures on the context of medieval fencing systems at IGX in 2012, 2013, and 2014, three times at the annual Symposium on Historical Swordsmanship, at the Massachusetts Center for Renaissance Studies at U-Mas Amherst (most recently in April 2019), and at the HEMAC-Dijon event in Dijon, France in May of 2019. Jean’s writing can be found on HROARR and he has also published three papers in the journal Acta Periodica Duellatorum since 2014. He is on the advisory committee of that publication.

Majken Roelfszema

Majken started practicing HEMA at MARS-swordfighting in Groningen when she was 18 years old. The first three years she mainly focused on longsword based on Ringeck. She then developed an interest in ringen, and soon after that started doing rapier. She has competed in many tournaments over the last couple of years and knows that the best feeling in the world is the one you get when you perform techniques well in a tournament setting. She is a mathematician and believes that the way of thinking that comes with that has helped her gain valuable insights for sword fighting. 

Chase Ables

Chase Ables works by day as a history instructor and by night as an assistant instructor at Combat Nation in Houston, Texas. He has been training in HEMA since 2014. Prior to this, he primarily trained in Kali, BJJ, Wing Chun, and Kickboxing, and still pursues these arts to some extent when time permits. In HEMA, Chase has primarily pursued the study of MS I.33 sword and buckler, but he has trained in other weapon systems such as singlestick, messer, and ringen/glima. In 2016, Chase formed a prospective chapter of Jomsborg for the Houston area, a group dedicated to combining Viking Age living history and combat recreation.

Robert Kilbourn

Robert Kilbourn has been training in Viking age combat since 2006 and now leads the Jomsborg Texas Lag based in central Texas. Over this time he has gained expertise with the use of sword and shield, spear, hand axe and dane axe. 

Robert has also trained extensively in large group combat of various target systems. His past studies include sword and buckler and foil. He currently maintains a focus on developing the techniques of full target fighting applied to the early medieval period.